Signalboost gives grassroots organizers the power to communicate with mass audiences securely and directly via message broadcasts and hotlines.

Reach thousands of people directly

  • Organizers need quick and direct ways to disseminate information. However, on social media platforms, important info is often obscured by algorithms and other posts. Signalboost messages go directly to subscribers' message inboxes.
  • Organizing in big group chats gets messy quickly and unnecessarily exposes strangers' phone numbers to each other. Broadcasts offer a quick way disseminate information directly to thousands of people.

Respond to people individually and privately

  • Subscribers to Signalboost channels can send in anonymous messages to the hotline and admins can respond directly and privately to that susbcriber.
  • Subscribers do not see other subscribers' messages to the hotline. Only admins can see them.

Stay safe from surveillance

  • Signalboost sends messages over Signal, the most secure encrypted messaging service for phones.
  • By obscuring personal phone numbers, enforcing disappearing messages, and controlling who is allowed to join their channel, Signalboost empowers organizers to stay safe while speaking freely.

Getting Started

1. Download Signal

2. Subscribe to the Signalboost Announcements and Helpline channel

Send HELLO to +1-947-800-5717 (that's 947-BOOST-IT!)

Send INFO to see details about the channel.

Send HELP to see the other commands you can use.

3. Request your own channel:

Send a Signal message to +1-947-800-5717 that includes channel name and the phone numbers of at least 2 admins. For example:

Test Channel

+1-123-555-5555, +1-123-555-5555

You will receive a welcome message as soon as your channel is created.

You can write our helpline with questions or a request for a more in-depth training, and we'll get back to you asap!

4. Get subscribers and send announcements

Now, any anyone who sends "HELLO" to your channel number will get announcements you send out!

Check out our How-To Guide to get started with your channel, learn about other features, and supported languages.

Got questions?

Check out the FAQ or How-To Guide

Send us an email at or (Find our PGP key here.)

Signalboost is completely open source & committed to transparency. You can read our source code and code of conduct on Gitlab.