Signalboost lets activists use Signal to send text blasts and receive hotline tips without revealing their identity or spending money. It is secure, focused, and free.


  • Signalboost sends messages over Signal, the most secure encrypted messaging service available for phones.
  • It does not display phone numbers or names. People can send and receive messages without sharing their identity and be safer if anyone's phone is stolen or seized.
  • Signalboost retains the minimal user metadata necessary to route messages. Its maintainers, team-friendo, will resist any attempt to compel us disclose it, and are working on updates make such disclosure impossible.


  • Signalboost is for 1-way messaging only. Admins can send announcements to large groups, or receive and reply to hotline messages from anyone. That's it.
  • Signalboost does not allow subscribers to send messages to each other. This cuts out cross talk endemic to large Signal or WhatsApp groups.
  • It tries to solve one problem and solve it well. This makes it easier to know what it's for amidst a dizzying sea of tech tools!


  • We are making this software for people's collective liberation, not for profit. We do not charge money for it and never will.

Getting Started

Try joining a channel:

Send HELLO to +1-938-222-9889 to join our Signalboost playground channel.

Send HELP to see the commands you can use and GOODBYE to leave.

Get your own channel:

Send a Signal message to +1-947-800-5717 that includes a name for the channel and the phone numbers of at least 2 admins. (You can remember that as: 947 BOOST IT!)

You will receive a welcome message as soon as your channel is created.

You can also write team-friendo with support questions at any time on this channel , and we will do our best to respond promptly.

Once you have a channel:

  • There will be a Signal phone number associated with your channel. Anytime you send an announcement to your channel's phone number, anyone who is subscribed will get the announcement.
  • Your friends can subscribe to announcements by sending a Signal message to your channel phone number that says "HELLO." ("HOLA", "SALUT", or "HALLO" also work!) They can unsubscribe by sending "GOODBYE." ("ADIÓS", "AREVOIR", or "TSCHÜSS" also work!)
  • You can convert the channel into a hotline by sending a message that says "HOTLINE ON" to channel number.
  • Signalboost speaks English, Spanish, French, and German. Each user can specify their own personal language preference by sending a message with the name of the language they want to use to the channel. (E.g., to change the channel language to Spanish, you would send "ESPAÑOL.")
  • All users can send a message to the channel that says "HELP" to list all command options or "INFO" to learn basic information about the channel.

Got questions?