This page is intended primarily for admins who already have Signalboost channels. If you need a channel, check out the Getting Started section. If you want to know more about Signalboost and how secure it is to use, check out the FAQ's.

Conceptual overview

A Signalboost channel is simply a phone number with admins and subscribers. Any time an admin sends a message to the channel, it is interpreted as a command or an announcement. If the message is an announcement, all of the subscribers will receive that announcement - notably, the announcement will appear as if it is coming from the channel phone number, not the admin who sent it.

What is a command?

A command is a word or phrase that Signalboost will interpret as an instruction. To use a command, you don't have to do anything fancy - just type it into the channel and Signalboost will interpret it or give you an error message! Some commands can only be used by admins. If you're unsure which command to use, the HELP command is a great place to start.

Signalboost currently supports English, Spanish, French, and German. To switch to your language of choice, type the name of the language into the channel. For example, if I want to switch my language to Spanish, I would send "ESPAÑOL" to the channel.

Disappearing Messages

By default, messages on Signalboost channels disappear after 1 week. However, admins and admins only can override the 1-week duration using the disappearing message timer in the top right hand corner of the Signal app.



Lists the possible commands you can use.


Shows stats and briefly explains how Signalboost works.

ADD / REMOVE +1-555-555-5555

Adds or removes +1-555-555-5555 as an admin of the channel. Any admins can remove or add any other admins.

INVITE +1-555-555-5555

Invites +1-555-555-5555 to subscribe to the channel. Remember to preface the phone number with a + and country code!


Enables or disables the hotline. This means that when subscribers send messages to the channel, admins will receive them **anonymously.** By default, Signalboost channels start with the hotline disabled. If you're an admin, you'll know that a message coming in is a hotline message because it will have the following header:


If you decide to turn the hotline on:

  • Your subscribers' anonymity will be preserved.
  • This means that if you need to get in contact with someone from the hotline, they need to include their phone number in the message.
  • Depending on the number of people subscribed to your channel, the hotline can be noisy and increase the chances of spam/abuse.


Switches language to Spanish or French. Language changes on Signalboost are person-specific, so you don't need to worry about

RENAME new name

Renames channel to "new name"

Example: RENAME My Cool Signalboost Channel

DESCRIPTION description of channel

Adds or updates public description of channel.

Example: DESCRIPTION This is the _super cool activist_ signalboost channel! We'll use it to make announcements for the upcoming protest.


Turning vouching on means that only people who have received invites via the INVITE command can join the channel as subscribers. Invites are considered valid for vouched channels regardless of if you repeatedly toggle vouching on and off.


This changes the number of invites needed to join the channel; currently the vouch level must be between 1 and 10.

Example: VOUCH LEVEL 3

After executing this command, anyone who wants to join the channel will need 3 invites.


Leaves the channel. If you're an admin, you will lose your admin access to the channel but will still be able to subscribe as a subscriber. If you want to obtain admin access again, you will need to ask a current admin to add you using the ADD command.


Danger zone! This command permanently destroys the channel and all associated records. Importantly, it does not erase the message history from admin and subscribers phones until the duration of the disappearing message timer is up.