Why should I use Signalboost?

You should use Signalboost if you want to avoid the high cost of SMS blasting and you or your community are already using the secure text messaging app Signal. With Signalboost you can use Signal to send messages to large groups of other Signal users without them having to expose their phone numbers (often a very personal and identifying bit of information) to all other group members.  Effectively Signalboost offers free text blasting that is secured over Signal.

How does Signalboost protect my phone number and identity?

Signalboost protects your identity by hiding your phone number from others members of a channel. Even Admins never see the phone numbers of their channel Subscribers. Only the Signalboost server and its maintainers know the numbers subscribed to each channels so it is essential that they make a commitment to protecting that information.

How does Signalboost keep my messages secure? 

Just like your phone or anyone you communicate with on Signal, Signalboost uses encryption on messages so they can only be read by the intended recipients. However, because the Signalboost server is effectively a recipient it needs to decrypt messages to be read and then relayed to your channel. If a Signalboost server is compromised messages it decrypts could be read just like on a compromised phone. However, unlike your phone, Signalboost does not keep any record of the messages it sends or receives, they are deleted immediately after being relayed, no matter what.

Do I need to be using Signal to use a Signalboost channel?

Yes. All participants in a Signalboost channel must be using Signal. Signal provides both the encryption and delivery mechanism for your Signalboost messages.

How much does using Signalboost cost?

We are making this software for people's collective liberation, not for profit. We do not charge money for it and never will.

Can we control who can sign up for our channel?

Yes, Signalboost offers a "vouching" mode. In this mode an invite produced either by a Admin or another Subscriber, is required to subscribe to a channel.

Who owns Signalboost? Is Signalboost open-source?  Who paid you to make Signalboost?


Signalboost is open-source and free to use. Anyone with the skills and desire can set up and run a Signalboost server using our software. Signalboost was mostly made without direct funding, as a labor of love.
Check out Signalboost’s code and learn about setting up your own instance ⇨

Can I get a list of the subscribers in my Signalboost channel?

No. This is an essential feature of Signalboost. Subscribers phone numbers are hidden from each other and even from channel Admins. Only Signalboost server maintainers could see this data, so you  have to trust them. In the case of teamfriendo our privacy policy forbids us sharing this information, ever.

Can I pay you to add a feature to Signalboost?

Maybe. We are open to being encouraged to add a feature for money if the feature is a useful functionality advancement for the communities we hope to serve. You can also fork the code and add any features you like (as long as your result remains open source) or become a contributor.
Email us if you want to talk more about your idea ⇨

Can I have a Signalboost channel on the teamfriendo server?

Signalboost is in limited beta and under active development. We are not publicly offering channels on our instance at this time. If you would like to be considered for our limited beta program you can definitely try emailing us to let us know about your needs, but you may not get a response because we are busy building so we can leave beta soon!