Do I need to pay to have a Signalboost channel?

We are inspired by the work that community organizers do and are committed to offering this tool for free for anyone who requests it. That being said, it costs around $5/month for us in server and infrastructure fees to run each channel. If your org can afford it, consider making a recurring donation!

How does Signalboost protect my personal phone number and identity?

Signalboost protects your identity by hiding your phone number from others members of a channel. No one on the channel, not even admins, can see the phone numbers of others on the channel.

This significantly lowers the risk of you accidentally exposing information if your phone is seized or spied on. Because your phone number is a key part of your identity, using Signalboost helps care for you and your friends' current and future safety.

In order to send messages to the correct recipients, the Signalboost sysadmins store lists of admins and subscribers on activist-maintained infrastructure. We are committed to protecting this information and would love to talk to anyone interested in deploying and maintaining their own instance of Signalboost so that fewer people need to trust us.

Do I need to be using Signal to use a Signalboost channel?

Yes. All participants in a Signalboost channel must be using Signal Messenger. Signal is a well-vetted and secure app that provides both the encryption and delivery mechanism for your Signalboost messages.

Can we control who can sign up for our channel?

Yes, Signalboost offers vouching, which means that admins can control who can send invites and how many invites are required to join a channel. Check out our documentation for more on vouching.

Who runs Signalboost? Can you add a feature to the tool?

Signalboost is currently a bootstrapped, not-for-profit open source tool maintained and cared for by people who care about your privacy. We are currently in the process of securing funding to try and dedicate more full-time development effort, additional security measures, and a better user experience to the tool.

If you are an angel donor or well-resourced organization that could benefit from additional features, please contact our helpline (on Signal): +1-947-800-5717 or send us an email at team-friendo@protonmail.com.

Can I run Signalboost on my own server?

Absolutely! We would love to have more partners running their own Signalboost instances. Find instructions to deploy Signalboost on Gitlab. We'd love to hear from you via our hotline, email, or Gitlab issues if this is something you'd like to do.